“Catfish Blues” 09/22/17 The Bush League w/ Duwayne Burnside & Kevin Chisnell


The Bush League Friday September 22, 2017 w/ Duwayne Burnside and Kevin Chisnell

This was an awesome night that things just lined up right to make happen; The Bush League on a Friday night with Duwayne Burnside as the only guitarist for the night running our setlist from 8:30PM – 11:30PM at E & J’s Deli Pub in Waynesboro, VA the night before the 10th Annual Virginia Chili, Blues n’ Brews Festival that he’s headlining with one of the festival organizers sitting in on harmonica; yeah, that happened!!!

…and speaking on the 10 Annual Virginia Chili, Blues n’ Brews Festival, here is a part of Duwayne Burnside’s set from that Saturday night with Pinky on Bass, Slim Busy on Percussion and Tambourine, Wynton Davis on Drums, Neil Bartley on Keys and Kevin Chisnell featured on Harmonica!






Big THANKS to YouTube’s 1mizchiz for both of the videos on this page!