Duwayne Burnside 09/23/17 Junior Kimbrough’s “Have Mercy On Me”


Duwayne Burnside Saturday September 23, 2017  10th Annual Virginia Chili, Blues & Brews Festival


Here is a piece of Duwayne Burnside‘s encore for his set during the 10th Annual Virginia Chili, Blues & Brews Festival in Waynesboro, VA on Royce’s 44th birthday! Burnside’s band included Slim Busy on Harmonica and Percussion, Pinky on Bass, Waynesboro’s own Neil Bartley on Keyboards, and The Bush League’s own Wynton Davis on Drums. For the encore Duwayne Burnside brought up festival host Kevin Chisnell on Harmonica and The Bush League’s Royce Folks on Bass and Shane Parch on Guitar to jam out Junior Kimbrough’s “Have Mercy On Me”!