The Bush League

THE BUSH LEAGUE was born in 2007 on a front porch in the cool stillness of a starry March night. While puffing on cigars, lead singer JOHNJAY and terminally cool electric acoustic bass player ROYCE FOLKS combined their love of music and their considerable talent to form the foundation for THE BUSH LEAGUE. The otherworldly guitar playing of SHANE PARCH was soon added to the equation and after cannibalizing a multitude of drummers (16… and counting) and various line-up changes,  THE BUSH LEAGUE is still getting it on!


After three seperate attempts through the years and various incarnations, The Bush League won a berth in the 2011 International Blues Challenge sponsored by The Sedalia Blues Society.  Their first gig as a named entity was at the 2007 Blues Challenge sponsored by the River City Blues Society @ The Capital Ale House’s Downtown Music Hall!  While always exploring various forms of music, they’ve always held a fondness for one of the first original American genres, the blues.  Playing covers and pulling influences for originals from the Hill Country style, the Delta style, the Texas style and the Chicago style meshed with their individual influences from a wide variety of styles and genres has led to a versitile and distinctive sound that has kept their audiences moving, grooving, and ecstactic that they are keeping ‘The Essence’ of music alive!



Royce, Shane, Big Bill Morganfield, JohnJay