This awesome foursome is dedicated to playing good music, drinking cheap beer and having a grand ol’ time when they hit the stage. FuB&RR (pronounced “fubar”) is the name of the sound that THE BUSH LEAGUE creates that makes tears fall and booties shake. FuB&RR stands for “Funk, Blues, & Rock-n-Roll” which are the musical foundation from which THE BUSH LEAGUE music grows and multiplies. FuB&RR music is also heavily influenced by the musical tastes of each member of the band, which is a menagerie of diverse sounds.

The hellbound licks of Robert Johnson’s guitar, the soulful growl of Otis Redding, the machine gun snare hits of John Bonham, and the funk that Sir Nose was devoid of, all can be identified in THE BUSH LEAGUE’s sonic offerings. From the heartfelt “Heaven” to the energizing “Frysumfish” THE BUSH LEAGUE’s music appeals to the ears of old and young, the black and the white, the sober and the “not so sober”. THE BUSH LEAGUE’s goal is to move you and make you move with powerful playing, soulful singing and a stage show that is interactive, electrifying and all the time entertaining. That is their mission and they will do whatever it takes to accomplish it.