Virginia Currents Episode #2615


     Originally airing on May 25th and rebroadcast on May 27th & 28th, 2017, #2615 is the last episode of the 26th season of the multi-Emmy Award winning show Virginia Currents.  The show, hosted by Daphne Maxwell Reid broadcasts on PBS stations throughout Virginia and West Virginia and is one of the longest running shows produced in Virginia!

     In addition to having The Bush League featured on their ‘Spotlight on Virginia Music’ this episode had two shorts; one on gender identity with filmmaker Aiden Korotkin, and the other about one of the co-host’s of Coast Live and former Senior Correspondent at Inside Edition April Woodard, and in a segment titled ‘Daphne’s Corner’ she did an interview with her husband Tim Reid surrounding his Legacy Media Institute!  Enjoy!!!


  *** The segment featuring us starts at 24:28 ***