Huge THANK YOU’s for our “September To Remember” 2017




     Thank You to each and every one of y’all that came through and supported us throughout the month of September! At the end of August we started calling it ‘The September To Remember‘… little did we know! We started the month off at home… with Brad on guitar… and a month full of gigs that we had worked so hard for and lined up and looking forward to showing off all of our hard work that we had all accomplished.  To make a long story long, Brad’s gone; we move forward as we’ve always had!

     The biggest of Thanks to the first person to say yes, Mr. “Hands of Fire” himself, guitarist Trenton Ayers; you may know him as the guitar half of the Cedric Burnside Project duo! Brother, you came through in a clutch without hesitation; we will never forget that!

     Next big Thank You goes to drummer Justin Headley who was supposed to play the gigs in Florida that were cancelled due to Hurricane Irma but instead started the chain that got us to guitarist Caleb Tokarska in Atlanta! Caleb killed it that weekend and we wouldn’t have found him if it weren’t for Justin’s efforts!

     The next thank you is still blowing my mind that even happened; major, Big, Huge THANK YOU to Mr. Duwayne Burnside for saying yes to playing our set of music the night before his headlining gig at the 10 Annual Chili, Blues n’ Blues Festival; that was a night like no other and we can’t wait to do anything close to sharing a stage with you again, anytime!!!

     To bring it all full circle we’d like to thank original guitarist Shane Parch for stepping up and stepping in to round the month off; couldn’t see sharing the stage with Duwayne Burnside in Virginia with any other guitarist really.

     To all of the venues and events that trusted us to still ‘bring it’ regardless of the line-up change; Thank You for your gamble but from us you will never get anything less!

     AND to the Blues Society of Northwest Florida and the city of Pensacola, FL; we are so happy that the event was minimal in your area and we look forward to coming back that way soon to entertain you!

     We are not sure how this year will end out and next year will start but keep hanging out; I’m sure the fun is just getting started!!