Richmond, Virginia Welcomes Holly Springs, Mississippi


Since the North Mississippi Hill Country Picnic isn’t happening this year we were bummed that we wouldn’t be making our annual Mississippi trip so we were absolutely thrilled when we we got a call from Duwayne Burnside asking if he could get down with us in our home city!  We had to make it happen somehow and we knew that we had to make him feel welcomed after all of the hospitality that’s been shown to us every time we’ve been to Mississippi; what better place than our home, Poe’s Pub!!





Billed as the 2018 RVA Hill Country Hump Day, it was the best Wednesday night to happen in this town in a good long while!  Royce Folks made the video collage of the night so that you can see just a bit of the fun that you missed!  If you see that Duwayne Burnside is coming anywhere close to a town near you it would be a wise choice to make sure that You are there!!!