Our Evening At WRIR

Friday July 21, 2017



We said there would be a music video for our song, “River’s Edge” today.  Time is tight when you are working on a bunch of things for a project at one time and it’s just our TBL Team and us and life happening, so you’re getting another video instead!  That night we went to THE flagship low power FM radio in the country, RVA’s own WRIR 97.3 lpFM Richmond Independent Radio and did a live on-air performance of 6 songs (starting at 40:40) and a very short interview on the show Time Is Tight hosted by Paul Ivey from 7PM to 9PM.


You can catch a stream of this show HERE:


This Show Will Be Available For Streaming Until Friday August 4, 2017



Right at the tail end of the show we announced the name of our upcoming album that we recorded in February of this year at Ardent Studios in Memphis, TN!  Afterwards we stood out on the sidewalk of WRIR’s studio and shot a quick video announcing the name of the album for those that missed the broadcast!