James RiVAh’s 2019 Grammy Consideration


I know, right?!! Who knew that this would this happen?!! Our second studio album “James RiVAh“, recorded and mixed at Ardent Studios in Memphis, TN and mastered in New York, NY by Don Grossinger Mastering is being considered for a 2019 Grammy Award!



     We are not sure exactly what this means but we do know that we are now on a list of recording artists that are being considered for being named one of the top artists of the year by the Recording Academy in a Blues category for the second full independent release in a row!! We will give our thanks now to everyone that has been with us these past 11 years and everyone that pushes us into the future for however long we keep going; thank all of ya!!!



     The first round voting period lasts until October 31, 2018. Not everyone can vote but to those Recording Academy members who can, please consider this album when you see it on your first round ballot for the 2019 Grammy Awards!!! Although it would be really nice to be among those five names that make it to the final ballot, the fact that for a second time we have truly independently produced and released an album; our album, that is being held in the same light as many of the people that we’ve looked up to as musicians well before any of us had started of even thinking about music as a business is so self-inspiring!!! The little train that could is making some traction…

Thank YOU to EVERYONE that helps to keep us going,

…look at what we are all doing!!!!