Holly Springs, Mississippi comes to Waynesboro, Virginia


     The 10th Annual Virginia Chili, Blues n’ Brews Festival was it; if you missed it, I just don’t know what to tell you!!  Well, there is a small story that I could tell about a part of it!  The night before the 10th Annual Virginia Chili, Blues n’ Brews Festival The Bush League had a gig at their monthly standing spot in Waynesboro, VA; E & J’s Deli Pub.  As luck (Good and/or Bad) would have it The Bush League was finding themselves without a guitarist for the night.  They knew that Duwayne Burnside was coming to town to headline the Virginia Chili, Blues n’ Brews Festival the next day and reached out to see if he would be available and/or amenable to playing our music for a full night the night before this big festival!! I could say more but as they say nowadays, “Video or it didn’t happen”; well:



     The Festival itself was an awesome time!  Musically the started with The Lorie Strother Blues Experience, then The Bush League with Shane Parch on guitar for the first time in a long time, Sun Dried Opossum, and the night ended with Duwayne Burnside with Chris ‘Slim Busy’ Buford on harmonica and percussion and Pinky on bass and featuring The Bush League’s Wynton Davis on drums and Waynesboro, Va’s Neil Bartley on keyboards.



    For Duwayne’s encore he brought up Royce on bass for his birthday, Shane Parch on guitar, and festival organizer Kevin Chisnell on harmonica one more time to play Junior Kimbrough’s, “Have Mercy On Me”…



That’s one way to end an almost perfect blues weekend!!!

THANK YOU to Everybody that helped make this weekend possible!