2017 IBC Semi-Finalists




We come back to Richmond, VA as semi-finalists in the band category from The Blues Foundation‘s 33rd International Blues Challenge! We were representing the Central Virginia Blues Society out of Charlottesville, VA and their solo/duo representatives Parker & Gray also made it to the semi-final round; we both did our home state proud this year!






Every year that we’ve attended this event we’ve made sure that for us it was about way more than just the competition; it is supporting the bands that you know and that know you (those familiar faces in the audience when you’re on a new stage go a long way!); it is experiencing new bands and music by chance because it’s oozing from everywhere!; it is jamming with musicians from all over the world conversing in the common language of Blues music; it’s the seminars and showcases opening your eyes and ears to aspects of this music hardly ever thought of; and it is a camaraderie built around a shared experience in the name of The Blues that builds connections, fans, friends and music families!




Speaking on music family, here we are with Vinny Marini on his BlogTalkRadio show Music On The Couch in the upstairs fuBAR at The Rum Boogie Cafe on Beale Street! You can hear the show that this video was taken from in its entirety HERE: